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Di Blog Free WordPress Theme Demo:-

See the Demo of Di Blog theme.

Video Tutorials of Di Blog Theme:-

Watch Di Blog Free WordPress Theme Videos.

WordPress Di Blog Theme Installation:-

The theme installation is quite simple, it is just like as you did before.

  • In your WordPress admin panel, go to Appearance > Themes > Click on the ‘Add New’ button.
  • Type ‘Di Blog’ in the search form and then press the ‘Enter’ key on your keyboard.
  • Click on the ‘Activate’ button to use the Di Blog theme right away.

Know more about the recommended plugins:-

Di Blog Theme Activation will recommend you to install some of the below plugins, know in detail-

  • ‘Regenerate Thumbnails’: To regenerate images for theme and plugins requirements.
  • ‘WooCommerce’: To sell your products online.
  • ‘Contact Form 7’: To add contact forms and other forms to collect visitors, users information via email.
  • ‘Elementor Page Builder’: To design pages using page builder.
  • ‘Di Themes Demo Site Importer’: To import the demo of the website.
  • ‘MailOptin’: For popups, email option forms & newsletters.

Di Blog Theme Updation:-

In your WordPress admin panel, go to Dashboard> Update and follow the simple instructions, once the theme is updated, you will get the new version.

Di Blog Image Size:-

  • Featured image size: 1140px width and 500px height or larger.
  • Header image size: 1350px width and 260px height or larger.
  • Product image size: 600px width and 600px height or larger.

Theme Options & Settings:-

  • For global theme options: Open the WordPress admin panel, then go to the Appearance > Customize.
  • In order, to search individual page options: please follows the section ‘Di Blog Theme Options for this page’ on the page edit screen.
  • To select correct page templates: In your WordPress admin panel, go to Pages > Add New / Edit. On the edit screen, you will find a section called ‘Page Attributes’. Here follow the ‘Template’ option.
  • To find individual post options: Please follow the section ‘Di Blog Theme Options for this post’ on the post edit screen.

Di Blog Front Page Slider:-

The front page slider feature is available on the Di blog Theme, the feature works based on post tag, slider displays the posts containing selected tag inside at the section named’Front Page Slider Options’.

Steps to display the slider on the front page:-

  1. Create some posts and assign tags to created posts. (i.e. Featured)
  2. Open ‘Front Page Slider Options’ section, here: Appearance > Customize > Di Blog Options > Front Page Slider Options
  3. Enable Slider, Select a Tag and set a number of Posts / Slide accordingly.

Importing A Pre Designed Template:-

Di Blog Theme uses the Elementor page builder plugin, it provides a feature to import pre-designed templates.

1. Check whether the ‘Elementor’ plugin is installed/activated or not. You can install and activate the plugin here: WordPress Admin Panel > Appearance > Install Plugins.

2. Then, create a new page: WordPress Admin Panel> Pages> Add New. Give the page a simple title and select ‘Full Width for Page Builder’ under the ‘Page Attributes’ section. Besides, you can hide the ‘header image’ and ‘foot widgets’ for this page in the ‘This page for di blog theme option’ section, now save this page.

3. On the same edit screen, click on the button named ‘Edit with Elementor’, then it will open the live page builder and then click on the ‘ADD TEMPLATE’ button to display the pre-designed template. Just move your mouse pointer over the screenshot and click the Insert button, this will import the template. Besides, you can also check it on your website.

After this, you can edit rows, columns, and contents by your content. Above all, you can save this page by clicking on the save button. Later, check it to ensure everything working well or return to the Dashboard.

We will recommend you to learn the page builder functioning. It will help you to put any type of contains anywhere on a page.

One-Click Demo Importer:-

Import the demo website of Di Blog Theme easily.

Always make sure the ‘Di Themes Demo Site Importer’ plugin is already installed and activated in your system or Install/Activate here: Admin Panel> Appearance> Plugin.

Import the demo of the website, here: WordPress Admin Panel > Appearance > Import Demo Website.

Di Blog Logo Branding:-

Here is an easy option to set or update your logo: WordPress Admin Panel > Appearance > Customize > Site Identity.

Di Blog Custom Header Image:-

Set the header image by clicking: WordPress Admin Panel > Appearance > Customize > Header Image.

Typography Option of Di Blog Free WordPress Theme:-

Get all of the available typography options at Blog Free WordPress Theme: Go to the WordPress Admin Panel > Appearance > Customize > Di Blog Options > Typography Options.

Di Blog Social Profile Links:-

Set one or more social profile links with Di Blog Theme, follow- WordPress Admin Panel > Appearance > Customize > Di Blog Options > Social Profile.

Blog Options:-

Search the blog options here: WordPress Admin Panel > Appearance > Customize > Di Blog Options > Blog Options.

Di Blog WooCommerce Options:-

If you are already using the WooCommerce plugin, you can find this option: WordPress Admin Panel> Appearance> Customize> Di Blog Options> WooCommerce Options.

Di Blog Footer Widgets:-

By default, the footer widgets area does not set by the Di Blog Theme. So, in case, you need to turn on the footer widgets and choose layout by following steps: WordPress Admin Panel > Appearance > Customize > Di Blog Options > Footer Widgets Options.

And then you will be able to insert widgets according to the layout, here: WordPress Admin Panel > Appearance > Widgets.

Suppose you have selected two, then you will only get two widget areas on the widget page. The more you will select, the more you will get.

Di Blog Theme Menu Setting:-

Create and assign menu location (Top Main Menu) by -Go to the WordPress Admin Panel > Appearance > Menus.

Di Blog Theme Support:-

Do you have any questions related to Di Blog Free Theme? Please create a support topic here.

Di Blog #PRO is Available:-

Thank you for choosing Di Blog Theme
Di Themes Support Team